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Email Accounts

We have two different types of email accounts, depending on whether you need a full-featured account or if you just need mail forwarded to an email address you already have.

Important Note: for either type of email account to work, you need to have the MX records for the domain set to '' where ### is the domain name you're wanting to use for the email address. E.g. if you were Bill Gates and wanted to host your email with us, you'd have to set the MX records for the domain name to be

If you purchased your domain name through SimpleShop then this setting should already be correct for your domain.

Unfortunately we're unable to login to your domain account to change MX records for you, but if you're having trouble just get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help.

Email Forwarders

These are free to set up and literally just forward email to whichever email address you'd like.

IMAP/POP Mailbox

If you don't currently have an email account or would like a separate account for your website, you can choose this option. Accounts are compatible with Outlook and other popular email programs, or you can access the accounts via the WebMail interface.